Bata South Africa hosted a roundtable discussion regarding the mental wellbeing of our youth in the face of the global challenges they are confronted with. “Bangene”, it’s Your Time! In an initiative focused on empowering and encouraging the youth of South Africa to reach their full potential through The President’s Award Bata aims to give […]

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Bata Creates Future Leaders Bata recognises the significant difference a new pair of school shoes can make in the life of a child.  

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Iconic Bata joins the Expresso Morning Show as we turn to 125 years of continued excellence in innovative footwear. Join Leigh-Anne in Prague, the city of 100 spires, as she takes in the sights and gets her fashionable feet ready for Bata Fashion Weekend 2019, an event bringing together fans of the footwear stalwart from […]

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Bata to walk its talk at Fashion Extravaganza. Please click here to view the article.