Synergy /: noun /: the interaction or co-operation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

We have all had to adjust to a world with new norms, we now see things from a different perspective and where we may have conducted ourselves in one way a year ago, we are almost certain to approach the same situation differently today.

One of the most effective lessons that we have learnt from restrictions and economic stress that COVID-19 brought upon was the value of collaboration.

“As an agency, Take Note Reputation Management has always been party to collaborations, whether it be in our role in setting up the KZN Communication network or working with other agencies on our clients’ accounts,” says Dionne Collett, Director and founder of Take Note Reputation Management.

During 2020, Take Note was part of the collective that promoted the “SA is Travel Ready Campaign” which has led to the establishment of African Brand Architects, a collection of Communications and Marketing agencies who see a bigger vision that harnesses the harmonious collaboration of the collective.

“We are thrilled about the launch of Africa Brand Architects and Take Note’s participation in the collective,” comments Collett, “by exercising our synergies, we are able to broaden our offering, improve our media networks and increase our reach across Africa without losing the personal touch and attention to detail that comes with a smaller agency.”

Does this mean that Take Note is no longer? “Not at all!” says Collett, “Take Note remains as is and will continue to offer its services to its existing and growing client base, but we will also participate in the activities of African Brand Architects. As a collective, we have a clear understanding of who fits where and we have clear guidelines to ensure that we there is no conflict of interest amongst the shareholders.”

African Brand Architects launches on the 15th March 2021 and are the anchor sponsors for the 100 years of Rotary International in Africa, in April 2021, which will be celebrated with a cutting edge online platform allowing thought leaders from the continent to share their collective stories of building communities and addressing challenges around the world.



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