Now that things are slowly returning to normal, or at least normal with a few adaptions, yes, we are talking about face masks, checking temperatures, sanitising and crowd control, your company might start looking at planning and organising events or conferences. Events and conferences can remain virtual, as there are so many technological options available or you can start hosting events at venues where your guests attend “in person”.

You may be a pro at this or may hire a team of pros to help with these arrangements, but what about the next step of the cycle, promoting your event?

Excuse us for stating the obvious, but without guests, even the most well-planned events are destined for failure. Some events rely on celebrities or influencers to draw in the crowds, but not all events call for this, so how do you make the most of your event promotion, even on a tight budget? Take Note Reputation Management suggests these points to help get your event noticed.

Let’s look at 10 strategies to successfully promote your event or conference.

  1. Create and use your event hashtag

The first step to promoting your event on social media is creating a relevant, memorable #Hashtag and ensuring that it is incorporated it into your event page and ALL your social media posts. The # is a great tool for promotion, so whenever you or others mention your event, make sure it is included. The hashtag should also be included in your marketing material for other channels, adding to the hashtag’s momentum and maintaining top of mind awareness for your event.

A top tip for your event hashtag: ensure your speakers and performers know and use the hashtag when talking about the event, that way you will reach their audiences too.

  1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), is your new best friend

Everyone uses Google, yes everyone! They may even use it to find upcoming events, SEO will help in getting your event to show up in their search results. SEO is all about knowing what words people use to search for events and then optimising your content for those keywords. So, make sure to give your description on your event page, blog post or press release some SEO magic.

  1. Don’t create a ticket hunt

Make your tickets easily accessible whether it’s using a third-party service like Computicket or using your own website or blog or your social media channels. When promoting your event on social media, make sure there’s a “Get tickets” call to action in your post or a swipe up link.

The key for tickets is it’s not an Easter egg, hunt don’t make people search for them.

  1. User-generated content is the new form of marketing

Encourage your followers to create content that you can use, for example run a competition where people submit pictures and videos on a topic connected to your event and in order to win a ticket to the event then make use of that content on your platforms.

  1. Capture attention with special tickets

If you want to boost your sales try offering “special” tickets that ultimately encourage or nudge buyers, such as early bird tickets, group tickets, ticket bundles for add ons, like food and drinks and of course VIP tickets.

Get creative with ticket ideas because they can elevate your event promotion.

  1. Take advantage of social media

Social media is where people spend most of their time, therefore your need to take advantage of this and use social media to promote your event.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the number of channels available, you don’t need to be everywhere but you do need to know and be where your audience is.  Take Note specialises in social media strategy, ensuring your content and presence aligns with that of your audience on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

  1. Explore

Don’t just stop at social media, explore other options. For example, you may uncover community forums for people interested events just like yours.

  1. Don’t forget about email marketing

Email still remains an effective digital channel and a great mailing list goes a long way! If you have held events before, you should already have a list of attendees and email is a great way to inform them of your upcoming events. If you do not have a list start implementing ways to create one, get people to sign up to your email updates on your event page or site so that they will receive the latest announcements about your events. If email marketing is not something you are doing, you need to consider it now!

Top tip: although email is powerful direct marketing tool use it carefully and don’t flood people’s inboxes and ending up in the junk mail folder as spam.

  1. Social media competitions and giveaways

Humans are competitive by nature and everyone loves a freebie! Promote your event with competitions and giveaways across all your key marketing channels. The tactics you use will depend on the channel you use and Take Note can assist in creating the perfect competition for every platform you make use of.

  1. Send a press release

PR is a powerful tool in promoting an event. The story needs a hook to get the word out and the most relevant mediums need to be identified. Take Note specialise in the copywriting of press releases, the identification of target publications on a local and national level as well as the distribution of press releases.

Now is possibly the best time to start promoting your event, people have been cooped up in their homes for months and are starting to appreciate their freedom and relaxation time more than ever, many vowing to take advantage of it like never before! Use this to your advantage and get people talking about your event.

These 10 steps may seem overwhelming, but Take Note Reputation has got you covered with our experience in eventing, marketing, social media and public relations,  where we can help to create a buzz for you like never before. Visit our website www.take-note.co.za or email admin@take-note.co.za for more information.

Let’s get people #talkingagain!



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