Customer trust and loyalty go hand in hand and are both crucial factors in a brand’s reputation and long-term success. But how does a company get to the point where customers trust them enough to vouch for their products and services? While it’s not something that can be done overnight, here are Take Note’s steps that can help pave the way towards this goal…

  • Encourage your visitors and customers to leave reviews about your product and service: This shows customers you are listening to them and interested in their needs and helps you uncover areas in which your business can do better.
  • Avoid shortcuts and clickbait tactics: Keep in mind that how you market your business reflects your actual products and service. If you’re trying to drive traffic to your site and take shortcuts by employing clickbait techniques or overpromising, you’re likely to lose your customer’s trust and future business.
  • Offer loyalty programs: According to a survey conducted by Inc.Africa, existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products than new customers. Offering loyalty programs to existing customers who are already interested in your products further strengthen their ties to your business and lets them know that you appreciate them.
  • Treat your customers as you would a friend who will talk about you: Impeccable customer service is great for your overall brand reputation since the customer service department is usually the only department that customers come in direct contact with. As a result, one bad interaction can taint an entire brand for a customer.

Trust and loyalty are the building blocks of a solid customer base. Make sure that you put your customers first and that those customers know they’re your top priority.



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